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Types of abuse

Domestic abuse is when a grown up hurts or bullies another grownup, this can happen if they are in a relationship, and can happen even when they are not. The abuser can be a boy, girl, woman or man. It can happen when people live together or they live in different houses.

Domestic abuse happens between grown ups. Children can be effected by witnessing this.

Children can also be effected by domestic abuse by being bullied by the abuser or encouraged to take part in the abuse.

This website is only about domestic abuse. Sometimes children are hurt or abused by adults. This is called child abuse and is wrong. If you have been hurt or abused by an adult, or worried about another child or young person, call ChildLine on 08001111

Physical Emotional Sexual Financial Controlling
Types of Abuse:


This includes doing nasty things to another person to make them feel scared or unhappy. It can also be people deliberately hurting somebody else. For example

Hit or hurt each other.

Bite or pull someones hair.

Hold someone so they cannot move.

Kick, scratch or anything that hurts someone.

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Types of Abuse:


This includes saying nasty things to another person to make them feel scared or unhappy or embarrassed. It can also be people deliberately isolating or ignoring somebody else. For example

Leave somebody alone with a strangers.

Call people names or make fun of them.

Spy on people.

Tell people what to wear, how they should look.

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Types of Abuse:


Making someone do sexual things that they don’t want to do. Sexual abuse is usually forceful, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. For example

Making somebody pose naked for pictures or videos.

Making somebody watch sexual videos.

Being forced to kiss or perform sexual acts.

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Types of Abuse:


Financial abuse is another name for stealing or defrauding someone of their goods or property. For example

Not letting them have a job.

Taking money away from a person and not letting them buy things they want or need.

Taking somebody's wages.

Forcing somebody to miss work

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Types of Abuse:


Controlling abuse is an act or pattern of assaults, threats or humiliation. It is also described as being another way people can abuse someone, such as frightening, controlling or punishing them. For example

Accusing their partner of flirting or cheating.

Insisting on knowing where somebody is all of the time.

Telling somebody nobody else will put up with them.

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