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Domestic abuse is when a grown up hurts or bullies another grown up. This can happen if they are married, and can happen even when they are not. The abuser can be a woman or man. It can happen when people live together or when they live in different houses.

Domestic abuse happens between grown ups. Children can be effected by witnessing this.

Children can also be effected by domestic abuse by being bullied by the abuser or encouraged to take part in the abuse.

This website is only about domestic abuse. Sometimes children are hurt or abused by adults. This is called child abuse and is wrong. If you have been hurt or abused by an adult, or worried about another child or young person, call ChildLine on 08001111

Physical Emotional Sexual Financial Controlling
Types of Abuse:


Physical abuse is when somebody hurts somebody else on purpose or tries to frighten them or makes them do something they don't want to do which is bad for them. For example

Hitting, biting or slapping.

Shouting or throwing things.

Making somebody hurt themselves.

Making excuses that it wasn't their fault.

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Types of Abuse:


Emotional abuse is when somebody tries to scare or embarass somebody else on purpose or ignores them to make them feel bad. For example

Leaves somebody alone with strangers.

Calls somebody names or makes fun of them.

Spies on someone.

Stops them seeing friends.

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Types of Abuse:


Sexual abuse is when somebody touches someone in places where they don't want to be touched, or makes them look at pictures of someone doing this. For example

Kisses somebody when they don't want to be kissed.

Makes somebody have their photo taken without any clothes on.

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Types of Abuse:


Financial abuse is another name for stealing or taking somebody else's money or things. For example

Forces someone to give their money to them.

Stopping someone from buying food and other things they need.

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Types of Abuse:


Controlling abuse is when somebody does things to scare, control or punish somebody else. For example

Accuses someone of doing something they didn't do.

Makes somebody tell them where they are all of the time.

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